Before Photos

Although it ran pretty good when purchased it had transmission, brake caliper and oil leaks. I soon discovered the body mounts had rusted through the "rocker channels". I've discovered this is a fairly common problem on C3 Corvettes due to water leaks. This meant the body and frame were touching. I then decided to do a full restoration. See the "Technical" link on this site for some pictures and other data that may help you if you have this problem.


Click to enlarge - Standard TH-350 L48 engine after removal.
Click to enlarge - Compressor, smog pump & associated parts all needed replacement, rebuilding or refurbishing.
Click to enlarge - Passenger side floor pans had quite a bit of rust.
Click to enlarge - The driver side floor pan was rusted so badly I had to use some bondo to seal several small holes.
Click to enlarge - Me cleaning the underside of the body. What a mess. Looks like I need to lose a few pounds to be able to fit in the car if I ever get it finished.
Click to enlarge - Torque converter and flexplate before removal.
Click to enlarge - I sent the trailing arms to be rebuilt by (www.Bairs) This is to much for the novice and they do a great job at a fair price..
Click to enlarge - Twenty plus years of road debris rusted everything.
Click to enlarge - It all had to come off and be cleaned and painted. See the (After Photo).
Click to enlarge - As you can see I took it completely apart. Me friends told me I was insane to do this to a car.
Click to enlarge - The firewall area and inside fenders were pretty beat up. Additionally, there had been some rewiring.
Click to enlarge - I was able to sandblast the manifolds and reuse them.
Click to enlarge - There was a lot of sandblasting needed to restore these parts to a nice looking condition.
Click to enlarge - This is the area and up around the window that may have caused the damage to the floor pans.
Click to enlarge - As you can see there was much work to be done to rebuild the carburator and clean the manifold and associated parts.